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Compating marine waste targets the central and local authorities - Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Tourism, etc. - owners and managers of hotels or camping units, located in the proximity of beaches or lakes, as well as anybody actively concerned about the environmental issues.

The company's mission is to preserve natural resources, and to protect the oceans and the lakes from the impact of marine waste.

The “Milonas Floating Dam” of Milonas Underwater is a system designed to prevent, identify and eliminate the marine waste. This activity decisively contributes to solving the serious problem of pollution of beaches, lakes and rivers by marine waste. By “marine waste”, one

generally understand man-made objects that are intentionally or unintentionally thrown or abandoned in the aquatic environment (sea, rivers or standing water). Some of these objects, such as balloons and plastic bags take centuries to decomposite.

Approximately 80% of the waste reaches the aquatic environment of beaches (according to the statistics of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce). The marine waste can damage reefs, marine vegetation or any protected sea habitat.

Marine waste threaten people’s life


  • Navigation:
    residues - either on the sea surface or underwater - endanger the navigation’s safety, by getting caught in the boat
  • propellers.
  • Health and human safety:
    marine waste can seriously injure the swimmers that accidentally step on them. Waste and debris can also endanger the divers or swimmers’ lives.
  • Economy:
    marine waste is a major factor of economical loss in tourism


MILONAS FLOATING DAM - Compating marine waste abroad


  • Based on the famous invention of the Greek inventor Ioakim Paliouras, the system called “the floating damcollects any floating objects of a liquid environment and retains all floating residues.
  • Efficiency and international recognition
  • The efficiency of the system proposed by Milonas Underwater is not influenced by climate conditions.
  • This system’ application is recognized in Greece - the origin country - and abroad.
  • The contribution of the “Milonas Floating dam” in fighting pollution - both in te rms of visual pollution and in preserving the environment - is remarkable and internationally recognized. Every time the “Milonas floating dam” has been used, results showed immediately.




  • Prompt execution of all works
  • Floating equipment
  • Full diving equipment
  • Fully experienced team of divers
  • Environmental friendly



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