Milonas Underwater Contractors - DIVING EQUIPMENT

The evolution of the diving science could not possibly have been left out of this field.

  • The need to construct ports serving the ever-increasing navigation,
  • The laying of load-bearing cables, as well as telecommunication cables.
  • The laying of water pipes, sewage, and oil products, are only some of the works that modern constructing companies are called to carry out, while being highly competitive.

The needs for special equipment, combined with the staffing of these works with perfectly trained staff, lead constructors to a process of finding specialized teams; on the other hand, being aware of the needs and requirements of the field, our company is here to propose various solutions with its sophisticated equipment and its perfectly trained staff.

Employing divers certified by greek and foreign authorities, having knowledge of specialized arts, e.g., cutting, welding, explosions etc., we proceed aiming at a successful course.

The diving equipment include:

  • Wireless intercommunication systems for the divers and the chief engineer on the surface.
  • Systems for monitoring the work of the divers by the chief engineer on the surface and simultaneous participation of speech (KIRBY MORGAN- type)
  • Video recording systems with an underwater camera
  • Video image recording systems by an underwater camera on a surface MONITOR – VIDEO
  • Full diving sets supporting up to 20 divers.
  • Decompressing systems with the use of pure oxygen (O2) for the underwater use.

  • Decompressing systems with the use of atmospheric air N2/79% - O2/21% from the surface.
  • Hauling up systems for heavy objects up to 300 tons.
  • Divers' panel system - Surface Supply
  • High pressure air compressors for the loading of rolls.
  • Medical oxygen supply (O2) systems for any accidents, including an option of full face MASKS for oxygen supply for 3 parallel events.
  • Rompotic systems of observation and research (R.O.V.)
  • Underwater Cutting - Welding - Drilling System JCB
  • Reef cleaning and polishing brushes
  • Divers' Visual and Hearing connection to the surface OTS - AGA Full Face mask
  • Full medical and pharmaceutical support for any cases of injury.


The above scheme is worthily staffed by special supervisors – divers, who, in collaboration with the main divers and their assistants, as well as with all men working on the surface, enable our company to always operate in accordance with the provisions of the Standing General Port Rules and Regulations, prohibiting any deviation from them. Therefore, we always operate according to law, with the aim of providing safety for the divers and carrying out all our works in the appropriate way.
A specialized diving doctor controls and supports the entire diving team.



  • Prompt execution of all works
  • Floating equipment
  • Full diving equipment
  • Fully experienced team of divers
  • Environmental friendly
  • Wireless intercommunication systems
  • Monitoring systems (KIRBY MORGAN-type)
  • Underwater video recording systems
  • Decompressing systems
  • Medical oxygen supply systems
  • Full medical support
  • Full face mask