Milonas Underwater Contractors - ADVANTAGES

It is true that our company presents a very large number of advantages.

The most significant of these are:

  • With the assistance of our engineers and topographers, we guarantee the successful outcome of any contract work (survey, execution, supervision), even the expansion of an existing contruction.
  • Minimal trouble for all people involved, since our company will use all its equipment and its staff.
  • Ability to carry out any work, since our staff covers every specialization, even works to large depths, over 200m.
  • Immediate possible control of any environmental effects and prevention of possible adverse effects.
  • Ability to carry out works even inaccessible, remote areas, which creates large hazards for the divers; however, with the help of the medical team, we have all the guarantees we need.
  • Prompt execution of all works, because every object of work represents a product of previous experience in our company

Naturally, with the all the above advantages and always aiming at success, we proceed with new plans and ambitions.



  • Prompt execution of all works
  • Floating equipment
  • Full diving equipment
  • Fully experienced team of divers
  • Environmental friendly