Milonas underwater contractors - PROJECTS

Having held in our possession floating equipment, teams of divers and diving equipment or just teams of divers or just the floating equipment, or a combination of floating and diving. But always in the field of underwater projects.

  • Construction of Port St. Dafnis - Technical Athoniki
  • Construction of underwater waste pipeline Agios Efstratios - North Aegean
  • Construction of port Esphigmenou Athos - Engineering SA
  • Construction of port expansion in Alexandroupolis - MECHANICAL Alegra
  • Laying underwater fuel pipeline Myrina - DEH – MALIONTA ATE
  • Construction of port Moudania Halkidiki. KONDYLIS-SITHON ATE
  • Construction of port PLATAMONAS - ENIPEAS SA.
  • Construction of a shelter port in NIKHTH Halkidiki. KONDYLIS - SITHON SA.
  • Construction of breakwater port NIKHTIS KONDYLIS - SITHON SA.
  • Construction of underwater waste pipeline MIRINAS - Limnos. Gigerton SA
  • Construction of the port and beach of Katerini mole ENIPEAS - ATE
  • Construction of port METHONIS - Terna
  • Construction of tourist haven Ormos Panagias – TOMH S.A.
  • Construction of breakwaters PEFKI Evia - SI CAP SA
  • Olympic Rowing Centre - GENER SA
  • Construction of port Moudros - Limnos. TECHNODOMIKI N.AEGEAN
  • Laying pipe polypropylene KALOHORI - Thessaloniki. EKO KAMATAKIS
  • Laying GRP pipe cooling energy center EKO - AEGEK ENET ENERGY
  • Construction of Marina Porto Karras - TECHNICAL OLYMPIC
  • Construction of coastal protection ASMINI - Evia. SIKAP SA
  • Construction of submarine sewer SKALA KEFALINIAS - ATF CONSTRUCTION
  • Construction of Marina Lake SERRES - TECHNICAL ATHONIKI
  • Construction underwater waste pipeline SAMIS KEFALINIAS - MEDITERRANEAN ATE
  • Diving operations to Airport runway extension project MACEDONIA - ATHENS AKTOR
  • Construction of Sani marina - AKTOR
  • Diving operations at dams of PPC in the Greek area- contracts directly with the PPC

All the above is a small part of projects executed. 
For more information please contact by phone 2310 920488 / 6936 90 50 80



  • Prompt execution of all works
  • Floating equipment
  • Full diving equipment
  • Fully experienced team of divers
  • Environmental friendly